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Elemental Polarity  by John Fanuzzi

Elemental Polarity takes Dr Stone's Polarity Therapy  energy balancing to a higher dimension of expanding on an in depth understanding of the 5 Elements - Ether, Air, Fire, Water,  and Earth and their relationship to higher dimensions. In the Physical Body a simple regional mapping system using the 4 Basic Elements: Fire Water, Air and Earth  and their Triune relationships,  provide a simple roadmap to unlocking energy blockages by interconnecting the Positive, Neutral, and Negative Poles. Perhaps the greatest discovery is how the elements, the numbers and the numerology of the words, the astrological ruling parts, the basic geometric shapes and platonic solids , are all integral in putting together a healing puzzle and in most cases quickly fiquring out where are the blockages. The Energy Body is like a  Highway system whereby the therapist merely directs  Energy "Traffic"

This site is a compilation of years of seeking some answers and questioning beyond orthodox tradition. Much of the information is new information and original thinking - "outside the box". My role has been to ask the theoretical question, and search, listen, and watch for confirmations. We will see that pieces of the puzzle from sources unconventional, such as numerology and astrology, actually fit with conventional science, geometry to clearing  energy blockages in the body.

Some theories are still unproven and need more time to prove or disprove; however, they seem so far to fit the puzzle.  Much of the info has come in spontaneous moments of experimenting .

Coming from many areas of experience, including construction, engineering, mining, designing, marketing, manufacturing, and a constant desire for truth, has lead me to parallel my income producing jobs with the mystical studies of Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Polarity Therapy and many other bodywork modalities.  For instance, just observing the positioning and length, and number of bones and bone groups in the Body itself, has given me many clues and confirmations concerning the integration of the 5 elements, and PHI proportions and scientifically why and how Subtle Energy of Ether can have such effects working along with the traditional 4 elements,  related to the body and the microcosm/macrocosm of uniPHIed physics, and  confirmation of the left brain/cell division/ analytical/repetitive and sequential 1 2 4 8 7 5 sequence of Cell Division representing the 3d matrix world.  

Some of the discoveries by John Fanuzzi about the Polarity Body Relationships and Mapping are actually related to Geometric Shapes, Platonic Solids, Numbers, Words, and some understanding of Electricity.

The Internal Stargate is the Solar plexus Chakra  10 petals 5 + 5  - the only PHI based Chakra

Numerous Mysteries of the 3 4 5 Fanuzzi Cross -  

345 bones of hands overlay perfectly,  L and R make Mudras from bones

Arm /hand Bones' configuration is left brain sequence 1 2 4 8 7 5  and at same time  right brain, Ø length ratios

Numbers 3-6- 9 are sum of apex angles on stellations of Platonics  

9 5  = vortex numerology same as “I Am”, Devotion, UniPHIed Field

Modified Marko Rodin  1 2 4 8 7 5 sequence to fit perfectly on  Vortexical Cross,  Horizontal Tetra colors 3 primary 3 secondary fit

1 2 4 8 7 5 fits puzzle for 2 interlaced tetrahedrons, star tetra/ cube, with a diagonal 3-6-9 spin axis

Alternative to Black Hole by making pent toroid allowing pent compression Stargate to make fusion

Hydrogen  51  Oxygen 999  in Geonumerology  Fusion same as  “I Am  that I Am”

InPHInit Puzzle color code for Platonic Solids

Crystalized Platonic Chakras  

Third Eye / 6 faces  4 Squared (16)  Cube,  corresponds with Hindu 96 Petals  = 6 faces of "Box/Cube" representing 6 male senses and 6 female senses of 3rd Eye

Numerology of Words in many cases supports some theories,  gives clues to others

Pent/Dodeca lines make standing wave geometric lines  using  3 6 9  axis (Sphrit) and 1 2 4 8 7 5 as prism curved waves of matter.

Number 9 = eternal presence, Still point, nexus, sum of stellation angles and face angles - basis for uniPHIed Fractility field

Infinity vs InPHInitti comparison and coining InPHInitti as being PHI based dimensional facilitator

9 - the sum of 6 days of creation  numbers 1 2 4 8 7 5,  Becomes the 7th Day of creation and nexus between vertical and horizontal bars

UniPHIed Field geometry follows all "9" face angles and Vertice Points of Pent Geometry

Integration of 5 and PHI into 12 zodiac sign  astrology

Imploding Violet Phire diagram

Concept of GeoNumerology

Music frequencies based on powers of 2 and powers of 3 to resonate with the Chakras Stellated forming  platonic solids.