Hand Bones - 3-4-5 Cross  Geometry

Mudras - Connected to 3-4-5 Fanuzzi Cross

The hands laid over a male and female 3-4-5 cross may actually be tied to the science of hand Mudras. The 345 cross houses stellated shapes which form Platonic solids, so  Some of the Mudras may be representative of Platonic solids. I often get confirmations when I get a thought and in this caseI was in a plane landing in New Delhi and editing this presentation. I was sitting next  to a Native Indian friend and I told him of my theory of this 345 cross being related to MUDRAS  and showed him my slide.  When we walked into the terminal and down the escalator there was a Wall of Giant Mudras about 200 feet long. Not a bad confirmation within minutes.

Wall of Mudras New Delhi Airport