A Journey from Yesterday to InPHInitti

Before Yesterday

Before my real Journey began, I lived an average American life. I grew up in New Jersey, was raised Catholic and came from a typical  Italian family. We always had big dinners on Sunday after church, and lots of friends and family would always stop by and visit. I was the oldest of 4, and had 2 brothers and a sister. One of my brothers became a star athlete and much publicity, while I was just an average athlete. I was more interested in fancy cars, engineering, and making money, being the underdog compared to my brother, I always did my best to excel in everything just to get recognition.

I attended a top engineering school, but quit to take a job as a carpenter making good money and partially supported my family. I quickly became a foreman, and then moved into the engineering department and learned a lot in a very short time, much more than in 4 years of college.

By the age of 24, I had built my own house and had it paid for. I started a small construction company and always had enough money to have a lot of fun.  Shortly after my 26th birthday everything changed and a new life began.

The Beginning of Yesterday

Everything before this event was shallow, and as I look back only foundational. My Real Journey in life was just to begin.

January 14, 1977.  My father died of a heart attack at a young age of 58. Our family was devastated.  There were hundreds of people who came to the funeral services, many of which I did not know. I never knew how popular, well liked, and respected he was. Over and over again people would say what a great man my father was. There were hundreds of flowers sent. It left me with an indelible stamped message of “ what would people say about me if I died”  or “who would even come to pay their respects in such a grand way as in my father's case?”

This empty feeling reflecting on my own self centered selfishness was the beginning of a 180º turnaround and a spiritual quest..

One of the neighbors had an unexpected message, which was unknown in my belief system.  He said that your body dies, but you do not die, and your soul lives on forever. He explained to me the doctrine on reincarnation and gave me a book about Edgar Cayce, “The Sleeping Prophet”.

On the final day of the funeral service, and the last look in the coffin before it was closed my father spoke to me loud and clear. “ I am at peace do not mourn over me. You are now in charge”.  This was only the beginning of a new life worth living.

Yesterday, a new beginning of a new way of life – a quest for truth

As I awoke that day, everything else in my world changed overnight.  I left a girlfriend of 3 years, and spent the next few years looking for answers about life. I dated many girls the first half of the year and then one day the voice said “this = 0”.

I was studying all areas of metaphysics and taking night classes with new friends. I was particularly interested in astrology and numerology. My friends thought I was getting weird being on a vegetarian diet and reading about eastern religions, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism.

With all of this seeking spirituality I had another person, my youngest brother, that pushed me even more, but this was not in sports. He was a “Christian” trying to “save me” from my studies in astrology, and eastern religions. I was a little torn in my seeking because I only wanted the truth and did not want to make a big mistake. He laid lots of guilt trips on me and one night I prayed and immediately got my answer. I opened up to a verse in the bible. It said “ If you have only hope in Christ , ye are of men most miserable. Unless Christ is raised your faith is in vein and are yet in your sins”. That was my answer without any doubt and cleared my way to the next level.  What it confirmed was that God was not an external entity and the Christ within had to be raised..

The next big step – 1978  - Autobiography of a Yogi – a milestone on my journey.

In the summer of 1978, I opened a Health food store in a Wood-Ridge, NJ, very conservative town, and hoped everyone would want to think different. Well I was wrong, for the most part with one major exception. One day a new customer, Bill Gregory, walked in and introduced me to  new concepts which all became important on my greater awakening.  This included feeling energy across the room, numerology, and the astrological assignments to the 12 tissue salts of the body.

In around the same time period I read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. Miracles started happening- I discovered super-consciousness; whereby it seemed that everything I put my attention on was manifesting perfectly and instantly, better that I could have planned. Events started to dance, parking places in NYC opened up when I arrived, new friends with a higher understanding appeared and helped me in my search, and synchronicities became common. Certain numbers, words and  symbols, confirmed my questions instantly. I noticed the number 11 which is the sum of my birth day month and year had been appearing simultaneously to confirm my inner thoughts and guide me along.  

In September of 1978 I made a trip to Florida and was led to a most beautiful vegetarian restaurant, “ A Garden of Earthly Delights”  in Ft Lauderdale, a place where I stumbled into while riding my bicycle. I sat at the juice bar and started talking to the girl behind the counter, (who later  became my 1st wife and mother of 5 boys.) My body was a little stiff and asked if she knew where I could get some bodywork. She led me to her boyfriend, a talented bodyworker,  Luke, who took away all of my pain and finished the deep Rolfing type of work with something very subtle that I never heard of --- Polarity therapy. When he got done I said “What was that?” He explained it was all about energy flow and the balancing of the elemental regions in the body. He showed me one of the Polarity manuals written by Dr. Stone with beautiful diagrams of the magnetic energy fields and the Chakras, which had never heard of before. When I left I asked him if he knew anyone in New Jersey that did that work and he referred me to someone not too far from my home.  

Polarity   -  the foundational healing chapter of my life

In October of 1978, I made an appointment for Polarity Therapy with an incredible master of the work, Don Roberts, who spent half a day before the session explaining what he called “the Work”. He also answered many questions that were lingering and gave me a basic training into spiritual healing.. The session was UNBELIEVABLE. He swaddled me up in white linens on his massage table and worked only very subtly. I felt my fingers grow in length to feel like they were extended down to my feet. I saw purple and beautiful colors when my eyes were closed, and was put into a most altered blissful state that lasted for weeks.  I also noticed new dimensions to my dreams with beautiful music. All I could say was WOW!!  I knew this Polarity Therapy was number one on my list to learn.

In February of 1979 I started a 3 month training in NYC with a great instructor. Learning and remembering everything so easily amazed me because that never happened before without lots of studying. It was clear to me that I had already mastered this work in another life. It was so familiar and in no time I was giving these amazing sessions to everyone in my inner circle.

In May of 1979 I finished the basic training and continued reading and practicing the work. I then went to Florida for a seven week Structural Balancing training with the man whom I met earlier who introduced me to Polarity. It was a much deeper type of bodywork, however, I was able to incorporate the subtle Polarity with it. It was a good background to learn the deeper work, but was pale compared to the healing power of the subtle work.  I had one eye opening experience that happened to me giving a session – my 3rd eye opened and I saw myself in Knights Armor on a White Horse. ( this will have significance later)

Return North --Dr Lad , Ayurveda Teacher –Surprise guest for our Polarity Group

When I returned home in June I received a message that a special guest from India would be in the USA and share Ayurveda with our Polarity Class. Dr.Stone the inventor of Polarity incorporated some of the Ayurvedic principles and disciplines into his Polarity science. The instruction went on two nights a week in NYC for most of July and early August.

Many things happened concurrently that summer. There was a handful of classmates that needed portable Massage tables. At that time there was only one company from California making them and they were expensive. Since I had a background in carpentry, I was asked if I could make some tables and I hand built 6 tables.

In the middle of August I started planning a trip out to the Southwestern states in search of a location for a healing center with Dr Lad. I received a call from a young bricklayer, Glenn Hoffman, whom I employed a few years earlier when I built my house. He had a contract job opportunity at a chemical plant and asked if I would help him because of my experience with concrete. I told him I was retired from construction and engaged in my new healing career. He asked if I would at least look at the job and detail it out for him. That night I had a dream that I walked the job with Glenn. When I actually visited the chemical plant the next day, and it was exactly as it was in my dream. I told Glen, OK, I will do the job with you; but we have to finish the job in 2 weeks. Glenn thought it was a 6 week job, which it could have been.

Finished Job -   Farewell to Dr Lad  - Met Master in Dream

I told Glen that I have been planning this trip and doing the job would be possible, but only with precision timing, to get this work done in 2 weeks. We signed a contract and started the next day at 6 am. The only way to get the job done was to have a concrete pour every day- which meant that we had to get the formwork done to be ready to pour by late afternoon every day. We did the impossible and each made over $15,000 in 2 weeks. (this will come very handy in a few weeks)

On August 26th a group of us with Dr. Lad had dinner at an Indian restaurant on 10th St in NYC. We said our goodbye's as he was going back to India to pack up and return to the USA to teach. I had made good money and helped pay for Dr Lad's trip. We were in a very happy mood as we walked down the street.

That Night I had the MOST amazing dream of my life. The dream continued from the walking down the street on 10th St and I just ahead on the sidewalk was a man sitting on the sidewalk with a group of about 8 or 10 people sitting around him in a circle. I walked up and found a spot and sat right in front of the man. I was in still the same happy mood as in real life; however, I quickly realized that everyone was in a lotus posture and respectfully still. As I got into the same posture the man flashed himself into many, many faces, then looked at me, raised his hands over me, and said “I like your colors” (aura) and put his thumb on my forehead. I woke up and wrote it down. The dream was as real and vivid as could be and the flashes of his different embodiments were imprinted clearly in my memory.

My Trip  

I finished the job, got paid and prepared for my cross country journey in my orange VW Camper. I finally left around Sept. 2.  My first stop was outside of Chicago at the home of my brother Michael and his wife, Barb. I remember giving a Polarity session to Barb's sister, Sarah, who was also transformed by the work. One thing to note about the work is that when you give a session you get a session, so I was pretty charged up myself.

I stayed in Chicago for 5 days and then headed to Tulsa, where I stayed a few days with Luke, the Structural Balancing teacher. I bought a bunch of books in a large metaphysical bookstore, but did not get to look at any of them for months. ( what I bought  were some of the books that were published by the community that I was about to find)

On September 9th I finally made it to Santa Fe, which I thought was my first choice for a healing retreat center for Dr. Lad. It seemed that wherever I went, the doors closed in Santa Fe. I kept getting lost and it was probably the toughest city to navigate – there were lots of hills and all the street signs were in Spanish.

After 2 days I traveled to Albuquerque, which was at least navigable; but it did not lead to anyone interested in an Ayurvedic healing center. I decided to head the Grand Canyon on my trip west; however, shortly after leaving Albuquerque, I picked up 2 German hitch-hikers who were headed toward  Phoenix, and talked  me into changing my plans. After I dropped them off  on the way, I continued on to Phoenix arriving at about 10pm. I drove into a small restaurant that was closing and met friendly waitress who talked the chef into getting me a meal. I was alone and struck up a conversation with the waitress and she offered me a place to stay on her front enclosed porch. That night I looked up to the sky and said a prayer requesting spiritual guidance. I still had the recent memory of the master coming in my dream so I said in a prayer “if I am supposed to meet you let it be”.


The next morning I went to the local Astrology bookstore and picked up a book called “Spiritual Community Guide”.  In it I found a group in Phoenix that changed my life forever called 'Teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood”.

The California address was listed in the book and I drove right there. I spent 5 hours with a beautiful woman, who told me all about the teachings. I was quite interested because it was the only group that acknowledged both Eastern and Western teachings. There were statues of Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, Mother Mary, and many masters whom I had never heard of. One thing that I saw was that one of the sponsoring masters, El Morya, whom she said was previously embodied as King Arthur of Camelot, was tied in to my earlier vision of myself, dressed in Knights armor on a White Horse. Also a psychic in NYC had recently told me that I was involved at Camelot as a knight.

I bought a bunch of books and audio tapes.  The first tape that I listened to that night was a meditation called “ The Buddha and the Mother”. As I listened to the meditations on the chakras, I felt every chakra in my body spin as I focused on it.

The woman at the study group also told me of a mystery school called Camelot in Malibu, California, Of which I was most interested.

It was about an 8 hour drive and the next morning I left early. I was so anxious to get there that it was the only time I was pulled over for speeding and I was able to hold hold a peaceful a smile on my face. I had been playing and singing Indian Bhajans for the whole trip and blissfully received the ticket and I did not let one ripple happen to my gut. I arrived at a friend's house in L.A at about 7 pm and it just happened to be located very close to my destination – the Ashram.

Los Angeles/ Camelot

The next morning I went to the ashram in Los Angeles and immediately noticed the vibration of the force field as I stepped onto the property.  It was similar to the energy in my polarity class in NYC.  

This was a Friday and I spent a day getting lots of questions answered and ate the most beautifully prepared food. They gave me an application to fill out for the fall quarter of Summit University, a modern day mystery school.

I took the next day, Saturday, reading, going to the beach, and camping out in the mountains and freezing that night. On Sunday morning I went to the ashram and I drove about 45 minutes with a small group in my own vehicle to Camelot,  which was the new headquarters for the organization.

When I walked in to the Sanctuary, I was awed by the most beautiful sound of hundreds of people chanting mantras and decrees. My first thoughts were  “This is the Word” as is spoken of in the bible. The vibration was tangible.  I sat in my seat for 6 hours straight followed along in the prayer book, and did not want to miss one word. Then there was a reading from a book called “Unveiled Mysteries”, and a dictation from a master St Germain through the messenger. I had one thought during the dictation and that was that maybe I should wait till January to leave my life behind in NJ to attend the Summit University. As soon as I had that thought, the master in the dictation said something like “right now is the time and there time to delay.”  So at the point I decided to enroll for the fall quarter and be gone for the next 3 months.


After the service was over I went to the bookstore to make a phone call to get a flight home to settle my affairs at home before returning in a week to start classes. In the bookstore I noticed 3 pictures, one on top of another on a concrete column. The 3 pictures were 3 of the same images that were flashed to me in my previous dream 3 week earlier. I asked Jerome, who was a brother assisting me, “Who was that man in the picture?”. He said it was the Master Lanello. I told him about my dream and that he (Lanello) was the one that appeared to me, with the 2 other of images in the pictures that were on the column.  These images, which I had vividly remembered, were other incarnations of his.

This was the icing on the cake and another confirmation that I was in the right place, and my prayer to find my teacher was answered.

I also remember being in the mindset that I did not want to be a part of a church, or organized religion, but all of these signs and recurring synchronicities kept me tied to the community for another 16 years and I was part of a religious organization despite my plans.

That evening I got on an airplane, returned home and spent a week tying up loose ends, while trying to explain to my family my experience. Of course they all thought I was a little out of my mind. I guess I was.

I returned the following Friday at about 5 pm. Jerome picked me up at the airport and said we must hurry back because there was a special ascension service for a close friend of the messenger, who had passed away on Wednesday. I attended the service and met the messenger for the first time with a spikenard oil blessing on my forehead as part of the ascension ritual.

Mona Lisa

Two days later, Sunday, there was another service and there was a picture up on a podium of Florence Miller, the woman who passed away. The messenger asked everyone to meditate on this picture. I did, and what I saw vividly was the Mona Lisa, when I closed my eyes.

A month or so later I met Florence's husband, Tom Miller, and told him of my experience. He just chuckled , but made no connection. However, 4 years later I had engaged Tom Miller in a video production job and the reincarnation subject came up. His friend told me that Tom was embodied as Leonardo Da Vinci, and he was told by his Guru.  I then reminded him of my vision of the Mona Lisa being his wife Florence. When I saw the picture I was brand new to the community and did not know anyone, so there was no outside influence that made me see the Mona Lisa.

Back to the story timeline. I finished up Summit University in December and was assigned to the construction department. The night before I was to start work at the ashram in Los Angeles, Lanello came to me again in a dream and showed me all around the site and introduced me to many people whom I had never met. When I arrived at the jobsite everything was just as it was in the dream. I did spend another 15 months on staff in California before transferring to an ashram outside of Philadelphia, which was called a teaching center. It was a place where we could work out during the day and do our spiritual invocation work early morning and in the evening.

Golden Ratio

In January of 1982, I had a new table design idea and started making portable massage tables in our basement . I did this in my little spare time because I also had a full time job as a construction superintendant for a Historical renovation job in downtown Philadelphia.  

I knew very little about marketing and I went to visit a local new age magazine publisher who wanted to trade me a table for some advertising.. He stunned me when he asked me a question. He said “Don't you want to sell $100,000 worth of these tables?”  At that time thought $100,000 was high because I was only selling a few tables a month for about $250 each.

I also needed a name for my company so I could properly do the ad. (Although the first year sales were only about $25,000 we did hit that $100,000 pretty soon)

Shortly after I read a magazine article about the Golden Ratio. I thought that if the golden ratio was good enough for the pyramids and ancient temples it would be a good name for my new business. Yes the Golden Ratio Would Work. So I named the company Golden Ratio Woodworks. (there was lots of woodwork in each table)

Around the same time I went to visit my brother in San Antonio and being inspired by one of the drawings in the article that showed the “squaring of the circle”. In that drawing there was also shown the 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle. I was intrigued by this because in Polarity there was the 3 triune functions, the 4 elements of the zodiac, and the 5 Element theory including Ether.  This got me thinking when I was flying home at 30,000'. The traditional Pythagorean triangle was drawn like this figure:  



It was a major revelation that the Pythagorean Theory fit perfectly on the Cosmic Clock Cross (an initiatory type of Astrology) , with the missing quadrant being the 3 x 4 =12  filling a void to make a cross. I chose this for my first company Logo.

He next generation followed when I added the Squaring of the circle.   which became the logo.

(Over 30 years later it will have a much more significant meaning which will come later in this story)

Golden Ratio Woodworks grew rapidly in an industry that was poised to hit mainstream. When I first started in the basement a prominent chiropractor stopped over and suggested that I stick to my construction he said “who's going to buy massage tables?”

Well I did NOT take his advice and watched the business grow rapidly. I had already learned not to put anyone up on such a pedestal because that “expert” could kill a deal because of being too educated, conservative, and void of the entrepreneurial spirit. I previously got talked out of 2 great opportunities because of putting some elder relatives in front of my vision. In 1983 I quit my good paying full time job and hired some extra help to keep up with orders. That business started slowly but doubled each year for the next 5 years.  

I moved to the Paradise Valley in Montana in 1985 with a young family that grew to a total of 5 boys with that marriage.  In the next 22 years we sold over $80 million in therapy tables and equipment, which included 10 personal patents, and became and industry leader in innovation and one of the largest employers in the county. The business had a profit every year, but succumbed to the Foreign knockoff invasion, Nafta,  and financial crisis in January of 2007.  (Another drama with the bank if needed)

In 25 years,  we became a leader in design and service, sold over $84 million in massage tables and related products all over the world. Much was learned from experience in every area of business. Lots of Stories.

End of Manufacturing Business- beginning of New Chapter -  Sacred Geometry

The pain of closing down the business was emotionally as painful to losing my children.

Fortunately In 2002 had I met my new wife, Norah,  and had 2 more children, this time girls, bought a basalt rock quarry business, which survived the downturn that came later  in 2007.

The Quarry was solid but did not have the everyday excitement of lots of employees, customers, distributors, and design and marketing deadlines. I had to redirect my creative energies to keep sane.

I was asked to give a presentation at a spiritual conference on the Golden Ratio, which I called “Yes, the Golden Ratio Would Work”.  

At that time I only understood 2d geometry and started preparing what I thought would simply be a talk about the Golden Ratio and its repeated use in nature, ancient art, and architecture. In preparing a powerpoint presentation I picked up a sacred geometry book that showed how to draw a 3d dodecahedron from a 2d hexagram.

I was amazed that I could draw such a beautiful image on a Powerpoint software.

This was my start in understanding how simply it was in stepping up to a higher dimension. This was my first 3d Drawing on a computer:

And the beginning of a series of revelations that were not seen from a 2d perspective.  

As I prepared the presentation I had a recall of my Dream master, Lanello, back in 2000 coming to me and taking both of my palms outstretched and pressing all of his fingers of each hand into mine and saying “I am extending your life 25 years” . That rung a bell because my business closed exactly at 25 years. 25 is 5 squared, which is up a dimension. My previous 3 4 5 drawing had the 5 squared in the upper left quadrant. Lanello had five fingers in a pent pyramid mudra, which to me showed a higher dimension of 5

To Be Continued

Tomorrow,    Yesterday,   and Today

Now that I have your attention, welcome to my Virtual Home. .

Although I have many gifts and accomplishments and have mastered many trades, I still come back to my core value - creating a model uniPHIed sustainable conscious community,  put to action what has been given, and to pass on life’s experiences to the next generation.


I am always open to critique, comment, additions, or praise. I would love to hear from you.

My email is:        johnfanuzzi@gmail.com

Special Thanks to Dan Winter for his Pioneering 3d PHI Geometry and personal inspiration that helped me see outside of my own box some 25 years ago, to Dr. Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy, whose work incorporates the in depth understanding of energy balancing, and Marko Rodin for his contribution - in particular in inspiring me to realize the firing order of  the matrix in this world:  1 2 4 8 7 5  and to discover 3-6-9 as a vertical (Z) axis connection to Spiritual Standing Waves.  BTW Tesla stated how inportant it is to understand the 3-6-9


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