Elemental Polarity  by John Fanuzzi

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Understanding the Relationships of the  Elements, The Geometry, and the precise use of the hands and strokes for clearing the body of its Blockages.

1.  Astrology of the Body

2.  4 Elements, 3 Polarities, Triune Functions

3.  Mapping, 345 cross

4.  Bones in the Hands---> Understanding the healing power  

5.  Laws of Electricity related to the body

6.  Sound, Frequency, Music

7.  Ether, UniPHIed Field, 3-6-9, FASCIA of the Universe thru Phi Geometry

8.  Breathing, Chakras

9.  Bones 124875 and Golden Ratio, Paramagnetism, Blood Creation, Core Energy Storage

10. Removing Energy Blockages in the Fascia thru Yoga, Active Isolated Stretching(AIS), and Structural Bodywork

11.  Subtle energy, Polarity, Cranial Sacral Rhythm basic

12. STROKES -  Subtle off body, Light Touch, Brushing,  Unwinding, Rocking, Patting, Skin Rolling, Firm pressure, Stretching, Cupping, Long deep Myo-Fascial, Visceral

The various uses of the Strokes of the Hands will be shown in the workshop

QuantiPHI, QualiPHI

Observation – Diagnostics - Questionaire

1.  Willingness for Healing

2.  Appearance, Posture, Vitality, Tone of Voice

3.  Tissue- Skin, Tongue, Nails

4.  Skin Rolling, Feet, Arm

5.  Breath, Sleep Patterns

6.  Scars, Surgeries

7.  Discomfort, Pain

8.  Emotions, Stress

9.  Lifestyle, Diet

10. Vision, Passion, and Goals

11. Constancy, Devotion, Focus

12. Accountability


Living with a Positive  Lifestyle for Greatness - and Tribute to the client

1.  SanctiPHI     To Make Whole, Empower respect, Make receptive to SPHIritual Blessing

2.  PuriPHI         To Make Pure,  Free from Guilt or Evil , to Cleanse or Purge  

3.  ClariPHI        To Make an idea Clear and free from Ambiguity, To free the mind from confusion

4.  IntensiPHI    To Make more Intense, Acute, Sharper

5.  ExempliPHI    To Serve as an Example of Integrity

6.  SigniPHI        To  Make life Significant, Greater, Better every day

9.  MagniPHI       To Make Greater than Actual size, to Enlarge

10. GratiPHI        To Give pleasure to a person by satisfing desires or humoring feelings

11. GloriPHI         To Honor with Praise or Admiration

12. InsPHIre        To Fill with Animating, Quickening, or Exalting Influence


Relationships and Numbers  ---> Understanding the deeper  meaning of Numbers

1.  Unity, Conjunctions, Cross Points, Focus ---> Synchronicity, Superconsciousness,

2.  Duality, Opposition, Line, Relationships  ---> Ho'oponoopono

3.  Trinities, Trines, Triangles     ---> Balance

4.  Elements, Square, Cross, Grid  ---> Initiation

5.  PHI, Ø, Phire, Golden Ratio   --->  Mastery over the Matrix

6. Sex, Hex, 33, Physics, Platonic solids   ---> Understanding the balanced union of Male and Female

7.  Perspective, Freedom to recreate, begin return home  --->  Take a step back and Observe

8.  Crystalization in Matter    --->  Mastery in the Material World

9.  IniPHIing the field – Love, Source, Sun, Whole I SPHIrit  --->Sacrifice, Service, Selflessness, Surrender

10. Union of Spirit and Matter --->  how YOU influence the circle relationships all around you - a Leader

11. Master Relationships- Non Duality --->   Bring all relationships to the center Z axis of the cross

12. Zodiac – Classroom in the Body  ---> The complete step by step schoolroom

DePHIne, DeiPHI, DeltaPHI

The Path to Victory

1.   Re-define self, RePent, 5 Petals

2.  Initiation, Suffering, Discomfort, Compassion

3.  Chakras Crystalized

4.  Microcosm, Macrocosm, DNA,

5.  UniPHIed Field, Synchronicity, Co-Incidences, Time, InPHInitti

6.  DNA Activation, 2 strand to 12 strand

7.  Beingness, Meditation, inPHIsense

8.  Waves, Frequency, Sound, Vibration, Invocation, Radiate Phire, Change Matter

9.  Transparency, Truth

10. Transmutation, Transfiquration

11. Transformation, Resurrection

12. Transcendency, Ascension